Posted by: Christian Wulff | February 19, 2012

Roll on 25th March

Another season, another go at writing a few regular notes on Norwegian football.

I’ve made a pre-season transfer from Blogspot to WordPress, and I expect a few promising posts at the start of the season before an underwhelming run of updates followed by a distinct lack of first-team comment appearances later in the season.  That was very much the story of last season, back at

This year I intent to have a little more structure and consistent work-rate, with the usual attempts at strained analogies between my writing and stereotypical perceptions of Norwegian football.

Hopefully by the time Tippeligaen 2012 kicks off on the 25th March, I’ll be ready and able to offer you a collection of results, stats and the odd perception of what is going on in Norwegian football.

I will also by doing my best Duncan Jenkins impression on Twitter, under the predictable label @ahellofabeating

There are a plenty of other bloggers and twitterers with a lot more knowledge of Norwegian football, better vocabulary and analytical skills than myself, and I will doing my best to promote them as well.



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